Give Your Home a Dream Makeover

If you’re already in a neighborhood you love and a space that is right for you, but you need more room or an updated style, consider a whole-home remodel. Home remodeling in the current Grand Rapids real estate market can be a better investment with a lower acquisition cost than purchasing and relocating to a new home.

We can transform your living space to suit your every need, from designer kitchens and contemporary baths to warm, welcoming foyers, great rooms and more. We design with a mind to well-organized flow from room to room and incorporate architectural details that will delight.

A dream home makeover by Copper Ridge Construction will improve the value of your home and give you years of added enjoyment. Talk to us about ways to re-envision your home as its best self.

Additions & Refinished Basements

If you love your existing home but you need more space, a Copper Ridge home addition project or basement refinishing might be the route to go to increase your square footage. In a hot real estate market like Grand Rapids, home additions and basement refinishing projects can be more cost-effective than trading up. We will design your new space in a way that flows well with your existing architecture.

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Designer Decks

Enjoy quality time outdoors with your family and friends on a deck built by Copper Ridge Construction. Let our knowledgeable team design and build a custom deck that will fit your lifestyle within your budget.

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We build fantastic homes anywhere in West Michigan.

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